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This book is all about dogs and you will learn what they eat, their color and so much more. I hope you have a great time reading this book.

Type of Dogs

There are so many types of dogs I cannot name them all right now but here are some I know Poodles, Newfoundland’s, Black Lab, Corgi, Saint Bernard, and a Newfie Doodle.  


All dogs need food to live. All dogs eat different food. Some dogs eat meat and other dogs eat veggies. Also dogs love their  treats here are some treats that they like: bacon, pumpkin and cheese.


Dogs can be so many different colors. They can be different shades of Brown, Black, Blonde, Gray, and they can also be caramel. They can also be crazy colors like Blue, Pink, and Purple. But you have to dye their hair because they are not born like that.

Life Savers

Some dogs can be trained to save people and help people. Dogs can be trained to help blind people or sick people in a hospital. Also dogs can be trained to save people in need like if someone is stuck under something and the person trying to find them can’t find the person that is stuck the dog can sniff them out.

About the Author

Cameron is 10 years old. She has a mom, a dad, and a sister. She also has a dog. Her dog’s name is Penny. She is a mini Newfie Doodle and her color is caramel. And she currently lives in Hudson, Massachusetts.